Three years ago.

Three years ago some of us were on this site for a shared meal and a vision of what this community might become. Seating and tables were all made from pallets which came from the building site around us and even though it was into October the weather cooperated as it has done with the food vans on the whole this year!

Do comment if you were there and know others who were there who might wish to again be part of this work in community building.

Photo by Diana Johnstone


Author: DaveJ

I am an aromatherapist and bee keeper. I also keep chickens and grow much of my own food on the allotment.

One thought on “Three years ago.”

  1. I was there for a bit, despite being very ill. The meal was preceded by a walk via Foster Road allotments and Trumpington Community Orchard, linking the old and new growing spaces.

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