Meeting 15th November – agenda

  Clay Farm Community Garden Group

Meeting on Thursday 15th November 7.30-9 pm

at the Public Shed


  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
  2. Notes of last meeting and matters arising
  3. Custom and practice record 5 mins
  4. Consultation
  • Southern Fringe meeting Oct 23rd
  • Clay Farm Centre opening Oct 27th
  • Neighbours party Nov 29th
  • Pre-Christmas party Dec 11th
  • Christmas Fair Trumpington Meadows School Dec 14th
  • Risk assessments and recording for events
  • Data and structure for final report
  1. Site works – path, soil prep, polytunnel, slabs, C. Uni project
  2. Community Chest grant
  3. Partnerships with Headway and Botanic Garden
  4. “Review of the Year” report
  5.  A.O.B

Date of next meeting Saturday 15th December 10.30-12

CLOSE 9.00

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