Consultation: Links to community groups

This page forms part of the public consultation which runs until December 14, 2018. We want your ideas so that we can together create a wonderful garden for the Clay Farm community.

Currently (October 2018) the garden is mostly a 'blank canvas'. Its area is outlined in red below. The garden is split by Hobson Avenue running north-south. It will also be split by a cycleway (to be constructed) running east-west following the line of the gas main (solid purple).

In the area between the dashed purple lines ('the easement') planting is limited according to this guidance document.

The Community Garden Group already has links to Headway (a charity for people with acquired brain injury), our nearest school, Trumpington Park Primary, and Trumpington Allotment Society (which manages Foster Road allotments). We would like to expand links and partnerships with other local community groups, including our immediate neighbours on Clay Farm allotments.

  • How do you think the garden could be used for community groups?
  • Do you know of groups who might like to be involved with us?
  • How do you think the community building could support the allotment holders in particular and other groups in the neighbourhood?
  • How could the garden support our community in other ways?

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One thought on “Consultation: Links to community groups”

  1. The garden will need a lot of people actually working on it to develop and maintain it. So links to community groups will be one way that some of that work can be done and benefit others in other ways too. I would hope strong links with schools and colleges might produce some regular sessions at the garden. We already have a good link with Headway, who have given us a lot of resources as well as people doing gardening at the weekly Wellbeing sessions. I would love to see more links made with youth groups, mental health services, healthy lifestyles initiatives etc. Making these links will need to be a priority as individual local residents are unlikely to come forward in large enough numbers to provide all the labour we need throughout the year.

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