Consultation: Contributing

This page forms part of the public consultation which runs until December 14, 2018. We want your ideas so that we can together create a wonderful garden for the Clay Farm community.

Currently (October 2018) the garden is mostly a 'blank canvas'. Its area is outlined in red below. The garden is split by Hobson Avenue running north-south. It will also be split by a cycleway (to be constructed) running east-west following the line of the gas main (solid purple).

In the area between the dashed purple lines ('the easement') planting is limited according to this guidance document.

Designing, developing and managing a community space of this size will take time and effort.

How might you like to be involved?

There are “backroom” roles such as publicity, social media, treasurer, care of the building. Or there are lead roles for specific things in the garden such as composting, care of seating areas or the pond. Or you could just join in with a bit of gardening, when you can drop in.

Let us know what you might contribute.

Please comment below, or email us, or both.

Optionally, you can Register on this site. This is useful if you want to make multiple comments here or on other pages. After registering, you can log in and then you do not have to enter name/email each time you comment.

Here is a link to all the consultation pages.

2 thoughts on “Consultation: Contributing”

  1. I am a resident of “old Trumpington” but I would like to feel able to continue to contribute and be involved in this project once it is thriving. The garden and neighbouring houses are on what was once part of my local green space. I welcome all the wonderful new facilities and neighbours we now have and hope those of us who have been here a long time can join newer residents to make this a great community hub that benefits us all.

    Personally, I am more of an organiser than a gardener, although I am not averse to a bit of pricking out. I also love crafts, so would enjoy finding ways to make lovely things from natural materials to decorate the space.

  2. Speaking as a resident of “New Trumpington”, delighted to have this space. Very much looking forward to meeting neighbours and picking up some gardening tips I am a bit of a novice in that department. Enjoyed planting some bulbs together with my daughter the other weekend!

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