Garden Plans

Use this Base Plan to sketch your ideas for the layout of the garden.

Here is a blob plan drawn on the above base plan. This is just a suggestion. What do you like about it? How would you change it? Let us know.

These Tree Planting Guidelines from National Grid tell us what we may and may not plant near to the high-pressure gas main which runs West-East through the garden.  A cycle path will run directly above the gas main, along the line currently indicated by red/yellow markers.


Please use our Watering Can image on all publicity relating to Clay Farm Garden.

Allotments and Community Gardens proposal

This is the planning document which was approved by the council in 2010.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

These documents are in the relevant meeting in the Events Calendar.

Community Building Proposed Layout

Check it out here.

We do expect to have other versions of this.

Group Constitution and Policies

Equal Opportunities policy

Health and Safety policy

Child Protection Policy

Environmental Policy

Constitution of CFCGG

Data Privacy Notice

Custom and Practice Record

Risk Assessment

click here for risk assessment forms

click here for risk assessment summary

click here for incident report forms