What needs doing

This page contains a summary of tasks that need doing in the near future.

Weather Forecast

Always use best judgment when considering watering.

Fixed tasks

Monday 02None
Tuesday 03None
Wednesday 04None
Thursday 05None
Friday 06None
Saturday 31None
Sunday 01None

Generic tasks

  • During the summer – Open greenhouse doors in the morning, and close in the evening. Coordinate on Whatsapp for this task.
  • Remove weeds, particularly Fat Hen, from the vegetable beds.
  • Remove the thistle-like Bristly Oxtongue, dock and thistles from the lawn in W-NE
  • Weed around the hedge along Pinnington Close, on the Eastern side and along both sides of Hobson Avenue
  • Weeding the beds in W-NE and W-SE – be careful to distinguish between plants and weeds!
  • Weeding the central part of the large bed with the fruit bushes and strawberry plants in W-SE

We divide the garden into Eastern Side and Western Side. These are respectively East and West of Hobson Avenue.


Additionally, we divide each of these sides into 4 quadrants: North-West, North-East, South-East, and South-West.

For brevity and clarity, each quadrant can be addressed by its side (“E” for East and “W” for West), followed by its location within this side (NW, NE, SE, SW as abbreviations).

Below a simplified map for orientation: