A year of growth in the garden…

2022 has been a year of growth for the community garden. From the new plants and veg sprouting up and blooming, to the big projects and the community events, there has been alot going on.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and others involved in making the garden a beautiful place for the community to come together and enjoy.

Take a look, below, at some of the best moments from over the past year:

January…Greenhouse, hub and raised beds completed.

February…Vegetable patch completed with rabbit proof fencing.

April…Garden parties begin for the duration of the Summer.

May…The community enjoys good weather and use of the garden.

May…Community Garden invited to Buckingham Palace.

May…Voluntary work force from Astra Zeneca do an amazing job in the garden.

June…The community enjoys a performance by the Collaboration Choir in the garden.

June…The community celebrates the Jubilee at an event in the garden.

July…Roses donated by Harkness Roses begin to bloom.

September…Garden springs back to life after the drought.

September…Our 2022 AGM which members of the community attended.

October…The big mulch laying job over the beds in the garden.

October…Community Garden Photography Challenge.

October…Community pumpkin carving event for Halloween in the garden hub.

December…Santa visit and Christmas event in the garden.

(You can read all about the above moments in more detail by clicking through previous posts.)

2023 will bring more developments in the garden, starting with the preparation of the lawns ready for Spring when the garden parties will return, plus much more as the year progresses.

Above image: A digital artistic impression of the community garden designed this year by one of our creative volunteers.