Spring-ing into action

Contractors having been preparing the base for the community picnic table behind the garden building. We hope the table will be in place by the summer.

Volunteers have been hard at work; weeding,  laying mulch on the beds and continuing  to harvest veg for the local food hub.

Preparations are being made for the new growing season on the vegetable plot:  planting seedlings, moving the A-frame support for runner beans, installing two new hand crafted gates along with a new “toe”  path along the inner edge to ease access to the plot for gardeners.

The pond has now filled with rainwater and is already attracting all kinds of wildlife, large and small – we hope to run pond-dipping and bug hunting sessions again this year.

Splashes of colour can already be seen through the garden and soon the seedlings and small plants will be flourishing as the weather gets warmer.

Do pop down to see the fruits of the labour of our volunteers and enjoy a cuppa at Emma’s coffee stall when the weather is fine.