Let it grow! And a call for volunteers

Have you seen how our new lawn has been growing?! Yes, we had to give it a lot of water, but hey water was free these days! 🌧️

It is truly refreshing to see the western side of the garden taking shape. A lot of volunteers have been involved in moving plants and making sure they establish well in their new habitat.

And yes, we’ve seen these nasty bike marks, right under the sign “please let me grow in peace”. And we know it is just a small minority of people that cannot read signs or understand pictures. They just want to leave a mark in history, so we’re just going to fix it and carry on ignoring them.

To everyone else: thanks hugely for sticking to the paths until the lawn is established, and for not cycling through the garden! 👏🏻

Wildlife is also getting interested in the garden, and this is a great sign. For example, rabbits ate all of Oksana’s flowers in just a few days. 🤭 And a dozen of ducks was seen in these days taking a lot of interests in the new plants that we put in the pond.

It’s great to see this new piece of green coming together after so much waiting!

One more thing…

Next weekend, we are looking for volunteers to weed the whole of the border between the hedge and Pinnington Close and Hobson Avenue in the East garden.

Volunteers are welcome at any time over the Bank Holiday weekend. Some of our regulars will show volunteers what needs to be done at 10.00 and 14:00 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Tools are provided, but bring your own large or small fork if you can. It would be great to see you, whether for half an hour or a morning/afternoon.